William Crichton

1862 - 1928

William Crichton (1862-1928) was born in Cornwall and studied architecture under James Hicks of Redruth. He came to New Zealand on the ‘Chile’ in 1879 and was appointed to the staff of the Colonial Architect. After twelve years he set up his own practice. He was, for a time, secretary to the Association of Architects in Wellington, and he took an active part in the formation of the NZ Institute of Architects, being Honorary Secretary, Branch Chairman, Vice President and finally president in 1922-23. In 1891 he won the competition for the design of the Wellington Municipal Library and in 1901 he won second prize for the Wellington Town Hall. In 1901 he formed the firm of Crichton and McKay in partnership with James Hector McKay (c.1866 – 1944).



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